Photography Workshops

Photography Workshops at JAX

4 Week-long Saturday Workshops

April 14th, 21st, 28th, May 5th

Saturdays from 12pm – 2pm

$80 for entire workshop ($20 a class)

Beginners Photography Workshop

Led by Jacqueline Arias & Jenny Brover

Description: Learn to take photos like a pro! This 4-week course will introduce you to the fundamental concepts of photography including: the hand-held process, composition, photo editing, and critiquing. Improve your abilities to observe the world around you and express your individual creative language. Meet other creative shutter bugs in Jersey City and learn how to discuss each others work. This 4-week course will culminate to a group show at the Jersey Art Exchange. Our program is designed for adults with little or no photography background.

Required for class:

  • We will provide two DSL cameras for use during workshop. We recommend you bring  your own point-and-shoot/compact camera, or DSLR or smartphone. Any camera is appropriate for this class
  • Fully charged battery
  • Empty Memory Card
  • Notebook
  • Open Mind Ready to Learn