Press Release for A Night With JAX


Jersey Art Exchange Presents a Night Filled with Jazz and Interactive Art

Jersey City, NJ — To introduce the newly opened Jersey Art Exchange (JAX), we would like to invite you to a night of music & film screenings, May 20th, 7-10pm at our new location: 114 Monticello Avenue, Jersey City. A Night With JAX is an evening featuring music by Winard Harper, a Jersey City jazz icon, and films by Kahlil Joseph, who is widely known for his groundbreaking music videos, including Beyonce’s “Lemonade.” The night will also include interactive art and a taste of music from local teen musicians. Tickets are available online at, and at the door.

JAX hopes to become a permanent force for change. Helps us make this a reality by attending our spring fundraiser. JAX aims to make a difference in a low-income community. A Night With JAX provides a significant opportunity to secure support for the first year of expanded programming for JAX. It is a nonprofit gallery and arts/media enrichment organization located in the Greenville-Jackson Hill area of Jersey City. JAX seeks to deepen its impact and educate the next generation of artists and media makers. JAX’s expanding services include: Summer Youth Media Arts & Technology Center for teens, exhibition space for emerging and established artists working in new media, and a community space for information distribution and meetings.

“We want to create a safe haven for our teens during the non-school hours – a place where vulnerable youth can receive supervision and engage in fun and creative activities. This type of space is desperately needed in our community, where crime is prevalent,” says Jacqueline Arias, Executive Director and Founder of JAX. “We will be offering free music lessons, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) programming and community-based media projects that will inspire teens to connect with local organizations and businesses”.

“I have seen firsthand the need for safe, easily accessible and engaging programs for youth in the Greenville/Jackson Hill neighborhood. I value Jersey Art Exchange’s commitment to this community and I am enthusiastic about its vision to bring services to our young neighbors,” said Pamela Johnson, Executive Director of the Jersey City Anti-Violence Coalition Movement.

About Jersey Art Exchange

Since 2014, JAX has worked with artists, educators, community leaders and business owners to present arts and cultural events in and around Jersey City. JAX’s enhanced services will enrich the quality of life for residents and train the next generation of artists, musicians, and media makers, creating a unique educational, cultural, and economic identity in the neighborhood. In a community facing crime, poverty and a deficiency in after-school programming, JAX will provide arts and media enrichment, a safe environment and ongoing positive experiences with adult mentors who serve as role models. JAX’s space facilitates a sense of community, enabling young people to work with peers and adults, in an environment of trust and respect.

Media Contact

Jacqueline Arias

(347) 237-3508

114 Monticello Avenue

Jersey City, NJ 07304