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Connect to Your Divine Energy with Naomi Mendez

Naomi Mendez began her yoga practice in March 2014 and fell in love with yoga from her very first class. Naomi is first generation American, being of Cuban and Ecuadorian decent and she is also fluent in Spanish. She grew up in West New York, NJ and is very connected to her Hispanic roots. Through yoga, she wants to give back to her community and other neighboring communities in hopes of spreading the benefits of having a yoga practice. She has become an avid Yogi and has a passion for yoga and all the benefits a complete yoga practice offers. She became a certified yoga teacher in June 2017 at Shiva Shanti Yoga School and is a registered yoga teacher with the Yoga Alliance. In addition, Naomi is also a certified HIIT yoga fusion instructor. Naomi leads a yogic lifestyle, practicing ahimsa – nonviolence of to other living beings by being vegan, meditates daily and has a strong spiritual practice and connection to the divine energy of the universe. Yoga changed Naomi’s life when she discovered it and she hopes to spread the good of yoga through her teachings to positively impact the lives of those she teaches. She is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts with a BA in Accounting and Information Systems. She is a Solutions Architect for her fulltime work.


Share the Healing Experience of Yoga with Marite Nicolau

I am Marité Nicolau a fashion designer, yoga teacher and always a student from Mexico City. I was born and raised in Mexico until I moved to the USA with my family in 2012. I am also a proud mom of two girls. Living 1 year in Brooklyn and then moved to  Jersey City where I love to live. After 8 years of practicing yoga, I wanted to find a way to give back and share the healing experience of yoga with others. I received my 200hr Vinyasa training at FlorYoga and 85hr training on Pre/Post Natal Yoga. Additional training include Kids yoga and Mudras. I am member of the Yoga Alliance too. My passion for teaching is in making yoga accessible for everyone, regardless of age and physical ability. I like to explore with alignment and breathing techniques each posture and the effects it has on our bodies as a whole. My Latina roots are part of my identity no matter where I live, and for me it is very important to always remember where you came from and who your ancestors are. It is what keeps me grounded and centered. As latina yogi, there is so much more we can offer, including a different perspective and a deep understanding of our own communities so that we can serve them better through yoga. I want to share that the practice of this discipline is not only for flexible people, women, vegetarians or for any particular belief. Yoga is not exclusive, is the opposite, it is for Everyone.

I hope you can join me and practice together.

With love,


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